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About Hannah

My beloved Nan used to say to me that I see something in a person that no one else sees. That I see their ‘star’ when they can’t, but with my support and love, in time, they will see it too.

The one thing that brings me the most joy is to help others uncover their star and fulfill their dreams, making choices that their future self will thank them for.hannah-morrish

I didn’t wake up one day and decide to become a therapist, I’ve walked the walk too. I had a breakdown at 27 and it completely changed my life. My body responded and it gave me the time I needed to heal my depression and anxiety. At the time I had just started working with a therapist to uncover what was going on and it empowered me to make new lifestyle choices. This meant I waved goodbye to my career in London and a daily four hour commute. It was the best thing I ever did.

This experience taught me to trust the obstacles that had been set out in front of me and those that fallen behind me. That all of the challbreakthroughenges, the hard times and our grief are always lessons and opportunities to learn. These experiences nudge us to review and re-think our direction, empowering us to open doors we may have missed before.

I made the decision to re-train as a solution-focused hypnotherapist and psychotherapist over three years ago and here I am. I adore what I do. When I witness that break-through, when I see them letting go, watching their healing taking place, the relief wash over them, the hole once full of angst, now filled with a soothing tranquility, peace and anticipation for a beautiful future, it reminds me that I never, ever, want to stop doing this work.

I work from a gentle, heart-centred place. Weaving together a blend of techniques, compassion and love to create a space for you that will enable you to resolve the issues and create your own freedom from the original problem.










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